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Border crossings with test centres

The government is proposing the gradual phasing-out of border controls in three stages.

All closed border crossings re-opened in Norway as of 6 October 2021.

Nevertheless, the government has issued guidelines regarding which border crossings will offer tests. Tests will be available at the border:

  • at airports serving international routes
  • by the roadside at Storskog and Svinesund

If you are obliged to take a test and cross the border at a place where tests are available at the border, you must take a test at the border.

If there is no test centre or the test centre at the border is closed, you can take a test at an official test centre within 24 hours. You will find information on the nearest official test centre on the border or via other communication from the municipality.

For more information on whether you are obliged to take a test and information about the quarantine rules that apply:

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