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You have applied or received a decision – processing time and appeal

Processing time, confirmation letter, final decision and possible appeal against decision.

Processing time

Applicants with education from:

  • Norway/Nordic countries: within 3 months (answers will be sent automatically and immediately if your application was sent via an enrolment list)
  • EU/EEA: within 3 months (if the application is not complete, the processing time will be extended)
  • Outside the EU/EEA: within 9 months

Application for:

  • CCPS: within 6 weeks
  • Authorisation after fulfilled additional requirements: within 3 months

Confirmation letter of received application

When your application has been received, you will get an automatic notification that states that we have received your application and information about the processing time of your application.

The Norwegian Directorate of Health only handle the applications in written form. All communication to our office, or e-mail, will not influence the processing time. E-mails with questions about the ongoing process of the application, that do not provide additional information regarding the application, will not be answered.

If your application has missing documents, and we need to notify you, the processing time will be extended.

Power of Attorney

In addition to the consent of the authorisation in the application form, in some cases the educational institution requires a signed authorisation from the applicant for verification of educational documents. Applicant is then contacted and requested to fill out the form Power of Attorney - Primary source verification

You have received a decision

You have been granted authorisation

The authorisation gives you legal rights to practice in your profession until your 80th birthday. The Directorate of Health do not issue documentation of authorisation in paper.

Please check the Health Personnel Registry if you are registered or not (HPR). Here you will find your HPR number, and you can take a print at your convenience.

Application via enrolment list

If your educational institution has submitted an application for authorisation via enrolment list, you will only receive notification of payment through Altinn.

You will not receive any more notifications in Altinn.

You must check your status in the Health Personnel Registry to see if you have been granted authorisation.

If everything is on track, your status will be available in Helsepersonellregisteret (HPR) shortly after the processing fee has been payed.

Licence is granted

A licence gives you limited rights to practise your profession. The restrictions can be related to time, where/how you can practise your profession or both.

A licence can be granted for:

  • Health personnel over 80 years of age. Must be renewed yearly.
  • Medical practitioners or pharmacists who are studying (student licence)
  • Medical practitioners who will undergo part 1 in the specialist programme (LIS1). If you have not received an offer in a LIS1 position, you can apply for "other licence" while you are waiting for a position. If you are applying for "other licence" you must give a statement when you are going to start LIS1.

Have you previously received a decision with information that you must complete additional requirements within three years before you can be granted a Norwegian authorisation?

If you have not completed the additional requirements by the three-year deadline, you must re-apply for an authorisation. This means that it is not possible to apply to renew the license. The criteria for assessment may have changed on the basis of changes in the content of the Norwegian education, as well as changes in regulations and administrative practices. A new assessment will therefore be made of your education and your professional qualifications as the deadline for completing additional requirements has expired. You must enclose documentation of which additional requirements have been implemented, as well as whether you have attempted to undergo any of the additional requirements without passing.

You must also familiarise yourself with updated documentation requirements and attach documentation that you have not documented before. You will find updated documentation requirements on our website under the relevant personnel group. When applying for a new authorisation, you must pay a new fee. A new application for authorisation will not be processed until the previously issued decision has expired.

Application for authorisation declined


The Directorate of Health has declined an application for authorisation since you do not meet the requirements for authorisation pursuant to section 48 of the Health Personnel law


Where the desicion is not in your favour, the deciding officer shall set out in writing the reasons of the said desicion. If it is possible for you to do undergo some complementary measures, then there must be some information about it in the decision letter. You need to conduct all measures before you apply for authorisation again.

Appeal against decision

The deadline for complaining is three weeks from the time you receive the decision from us. You will not have to pay a fee for processing the complaint

Send the complaint in written text to The Norwegian Directorate of Health. Remember to:

  • Describe what your complaint is about
  • Describe why you are complaining
  • Provide documentation for supplementary information to support your claim

It is possible to have another person represent you. Should this be someone else than a lawyer or trainee lawyer, you must give authorisation to act on your behalf to the person representing you. 

If you submit a complaint regarding one of our decisions, we will reevaluate the case. The current processing time for complaints is four months.

If we maintain our decision after reevaluation, the complaint will be sent to the National Office for Health Service Appeals or the Secretariat of the Anti-Discrimination Tribunal for processing.

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