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Decision for completing additional requirements

Have you received a decision with information that you must complete additional requirements within three years before you can be granted a Norwegian authorisation?

If you have not completed the additional requirements by the three-year deadline, you must reapply for an authorisation. If you have received a license in your decision, this means that it is not possible to apply to renew this license. 

In the processing of a new application, the Norwegian Directorate of Health will make a new assessment of your education and your professional qualifications. This is because the criteria for assessment may have changed due to changes in the content of the Norwegian education, as well as changes in regulations and administrative practices. We will also evaluate whether you meet the conditions to obtain a license. 

In the new application you must enclose documentation of which additional requirements you have completed, as well as whether you have attempted to implement any of the additional requirements without passing.  

You must also update yourself on the documentation requirements and attach documentation that you have not documented before. You will find updated documentation requirements on our website under the relevant personnel group. 

The deadline for completing the additional requirements is three years from the date your decision for completing the additional requirements was issued. This means that you have right to a period of three years to complete the relevant requirements. This is regulated in law, and the Norwegian Directorate of Health can therefore not evaluate a new application for authorisation before the three-year deadline is about to expire.  

When applying for a new authorisation, you must pay a new fee. 
The case processing time for these applications is in principle currently 11 months. However, your application will not be processed until the deadline for completing the additional requirements is about to expire, and the case processing time can therefore be extended beyond 11 months if you apply too early.


If you are granted a license while completing the additional requirements, the license will cease without further notice if you have received a refusal on your application for authorisation. The license will cease from the date of the refusal. 

The basis for refusal is, for example, that you have used up all the attempts to complete the relevant courses and exams without passing. 

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