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Organisation and management

Organisation chart and description of departments.


Management and divisions of the Directorate of Health:

  • Director General of Health and Chief Medical Officer: Bjørn Guldvog
  • Deputy Directors General: Mariann Hornnes, Olav Valen Slåttebrekk, Espen Rostrup Nakstad
  • Public Health and Preventive Healthcare Division: Linda Granlund
  • Municipal Health Services and Emergency Preparedness Division: Helen Brandstorp
  • Specialist Health Services and International Cooperation Division: Helga Katharina Haug (acting). Hilde Myhren started in the role on 1 April 2024 on a part-time basis. Helga Katharina Haug will remain Division Director ad interim until Hilde Myhren is in position full time.
  • Digital Transformation Division: Lucie Aunan
  • Information Management and Methods Division: Bente Andersen Sundlo
  • Analysis and Information Services Division: Jan Arild Lyngstad
  • Legal Affairs Division: Anne Louise Valle
  • Health Financing and Health Professionals Division: Sissel Husøy
  • Governance and Organisational Development Division: Nina Aulie

Press photos: High resolution photos of the senior managers at the Directorate of Health

Public Health and Preventative Healthcare Division

Division Director: Linda Granlund

Departments and Department Directors:

  • Environmental Health: Erlend Bø
  • Non-communicable Diseases: May Cecilie Lossius
  • Social Determinants of Health: Øyvind Giæver
    • Section: The Centre for an Age-friendly Norway: Wenche Halsen
  • Public Health and Climate: Else Karin Grøholt
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse: Jakob Linhave
  • JA Prevent NCD (EU Joint Action on prevention of non-communicable diseases and cancer): Knut Jønsrud

Technical Director: Astrid Nylenna

Municipal Health Services and Emergency Preparedness Division

Division Director: Helen Brandstorp

Departments and Department Directors:

  • Public Health: Knut Berglund (acting)
  • Emergency Preparedness: Steinar Olsen
  • Health and Care Services: Helga Katharina Haug
  • Child and Adolescent Health: Ellen Margrethe Carlsen
  • Competence Development: Liv Heidi Brattås Remo
  • Centre for User Involvement: Karin Yan Kallevik

Specialist Health Services and International Cooperation Division

Division Director: Helga Katharina Haug (acting). Hilde Myhren started in the role on 1 April 2024 on a part-time basis and Helga Katharina Haug will remain Division Director ad interim until Hilde Myhren is in position full time.

Departments and Department Directors:

  • Planning and Coordination: Sverre Harbo (acting)
  • Specialist Professional Development: Torunn Janbu
  • Pharmaceuticals and Biomedicine: Børge Myrlund Larsen (acting)
  • International Cooperation: Erlend Tuseth Aasheim
  • Patient Safety: Kari Annette Os

Digital Transformation Division

Division Director: Lucie Aunan

Departments and Department Directors:

  • Digital Strategy: Siv Ingebrigtsen
  • Digital Health Services: Elin Høyvik Kindingstad
  • Architecture and Interaction: Erik Hedlund
  • Health Technology: Norunn Elin Saure
  • Innovation: Sveinung Tornås

Technical Director: Jacob Holter Grundt

Information Management and Methods Division

Division Director: Bente Andersen Sundlo

Departments and Department Directors:

  • Code Systems: Helene Tuft Stavnes (acting)
  • Terminology: Alfhild Stokke
  • Standardisation: Georg Fredrik Ranhoff
  • Project and Process Management: Morten Fronth-Andersen
  • Evaluation and Service Design: Eline Theresa Holljen

Analysis and Information Services Division

Division Director: Jan Arild Lyngstad

Departments and Department Directors:

  • IT: Wenche Snell
    • Section for Content Development: Henrik Maurstad Jonasson
    • Section for Systems Development: Raymond Auglend
  • Analysis: Lars Rønningen
  • Quality indicators and user surveys: Lars Rønningen (acting)
  • Communications: Stine Camilla Bjerkestrand

Technical Director for Analysis: Beate Margrethe Huseby

Legal Affairs

Division Director: Anne Louise Valle

Departments and Department Directors:

  • Regulations and Digitalisation: Siri Pernille Utkilen
  • Health Law: Wenche Dahl Elde
  • Litigation and Health Law: Dag Erlend Reite
  • Guidelines and Standards: Morten Græsli
  • Digital Security in the Health Sector: Jan Gunnar Broch

Data Protection Officer: Caroline Ringstad Schultz

Health Financing and Health Professionals Division

Division Director: Sissel Husøy

Departments and Department Directors:

  • Specialist Certification: Randi Moen Forfang
  • Authorisations: Anne Farseth
  • Financing and Casemix: Eva Wensaas
  • Medical Reimbursements: Steinar Mathisen
  • Grants: Elise Husum

Governance and Organisational Development Division

Division Director: Nina Aulie

Departments and Department Directors:

  • Planning and Governance: Grete Heen
  • Human Resources: Anita Sylte
  • Finance: Anne Langbraaten
    • Section: Financial Management
    • Section: Payroll and Accounts
  • In-house Services and Support: Ketil Lundin
  • Security: Vibeke Langeland Pedersen
  • Management Support: Heidi Amundsen

Cross-cutting functions

Internal auditor: Sissel Margrethe Korshavn

Helfo (external agency)

Helfo (The Norwegian Health Economics Administration) is the Directorate of Health’s external agency. Helfo’s mandate is to safeguard users' rights and to provide guidance and information about the national health service to healthcare providers and residents.

Helfo administers around NOK 42 billion annually. The agency’s responsibilities include making payments from the national insurance scheme to healthcare providers, suppliers and service providers, as well as individual refunds of expenses incurred by private individuals relating to medicines and healthcare services at home and abroad.

Helfo has offices in Tønsberg, Fredrikstad, Sola, Ørsta, Mo i Rana and Kirkenes.

Health and Social Services Ombudsman (affiliated agency)

The Health and Social Services Ombudsman is an affiliated agency of the Directorate of Health. The Ombudsman is mandated to safeguard the rights, interests and legal protection of people receiving health and care services, and to contribute to improving the quality of the services provided.

The Health and Social Services Ombudsman system is enshrined in law in Chapter 8 of the Patient' and Users Rights Act (lovdata.no).

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