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Contact us

E-mails, phone numbers and addresses.


E-mail: postmottak@helsedir.no
Never send sensitive or private information. We do not reply to emails to postmottak@helsedir.no between Christmas and New Year's Day.

Phone: (+47) 47 47 20 20
Office hours: 08.00-15.45, Monday to Friday



Postal address: Helsedirektoratet, PO Box 220, Skøyen, 0213 Oslo

Street address: Vitaminveien 4, 0483 Oslo (Google maps)

Street address of the e-health area: Verkstedveien 1, 0277 Oslo (Google Maps)

The Directorate of e-health and the Directorate of Health have been merged. Until further notice, we are based in two locations in Oslo.


Postal address: Helsedirektoratet, Trondheim, PO Box 6173, Torgarden, 7435 Trondheim

Street address: Sorgenfriveien 11, 7031 Trondheim (Google maps)

Contact centre for authorisation and specialist training

Contact forms: Authorisation and licensing for health personnel | Specialist training (LIS1) and licensing

Phone: (+47) 21 52 97 00
Office hours: 09.30-11.30 on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

Invoices and organisation number

Electronic invoices: EHF format (dfo.no) (in Norwegian)

Organisation number: 983 544 622

Paper invoices: Helsedirektoratet, Fakturamottak DFØ, Postboks 4746, 7468 Trondheim. Requirements for invoices (altinn.no)

Invoices addressed to the Directorate of e-health with a due date in 2024 will be processed by the Directorate of Health or the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. From 1 January 2024, invoices must be addressed with the Directorate of Health’s organisation number: 983 544 622.


Press contacts, mailing lists and press photos (in Norwegian)


Raising concerns about corruption, irregularities or other breaches of the law.

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