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All professions – United Kingdom

A new approval arrangement for health personnel with professional qualifications from the United Kingdom will be effective from 01.12.2023

You are entitled to an approval in Norway, if you can document a diploma from Great Britain within the same profession for which you are applying for approval in Norway.

Completing and passing Norwegian language tests on a B2 level is required to be eligible for evaluation under the new approval arrangement. You may be exempt from the language requirement if you can document skills in Norwegian, Swedish, or Danish on a level equivalent to B2 or higher.

Transitional arrangement

When the United Kingdom left the EU, a transitional arrangement was enacted, effective 01.01.2021. 

A transitional arrangement was enacted when the United Kingdom left the EU. The transitional arrangement was effective from 01.01.2021. This decision was made to safeguard applicants who anticipated having their professional qualifications approved in accordance with the EU directive on the recognition of professional qualifications.

The transitional arrangement is still in effect and applies to persons under training in the United Kingdom on 31.12.2019 or before. Such applicants will still be able to have their professional qualifications approved under EEA regulation (EU directive on the recognition of professional qualifications).

Additionally, changes to the transitional arrangement are enacted from 01.12.2023 so that applicants who achieved their professional qualification in the United Kingdom before 01.01.2021 will also be evaluated in accordance with the Regulation for health personnel from EEA countries and Switzerland.

If you are covered by the transitional arrangement, the Norwegian Directorate of Health will evaluate your application in accordance with EEA regulations. Consequently, you will be exempt from language requirements. 

You must attach these documents when you apply

  1. Diploma
  2. Transcript/Diploma Supplement
  3. A detailed overview of the curriculum showing the specific subject content (not only the name of the subject) and the duration of the education.

    a) The theoretical content must be stated in the learning objectives for each individual subject, and the scope of each subject must be expressed in either ECTS or the number of hours for each subject. The number of work placements or clinical practice studies with each period's length, objective, venue and evaluation results must be stated. 

    b) Practice must be expressed with number of weeks or hours or ECTS within each field of practice/department which include areas / institutions where your practical training experience is conducted. It must also be described what form the practice was conducted in (skill training, observation, patient-oriented practice or patient simulation).

    c) The curriculum must be valid for the years the applicant studied, e.g. if you studied from 2010–2015 the curriculum has to cover those years. The curriculum also needs to provide detailed contact information to the educational institution.
  4. List of required texts and syllabi
    An overview of required texts and syllabi, and if applicable, digital education resources with a list of references. The overview must be valid for the years you studied and issued by your educational institution.
  5. Language requirements
    You must pass an approved Norwegian test at level B2 on the Common European Framework of Reference of languages (CEFR) to be granted authorisation in Norway. Approved language tests that can be measured as level B2 language skills is «Test in Norwegian-higher level» (Norwegian: Test i norsk – høyere nivå) Also called «Bergenstesten» (passed both oral and written test), and the Norwegian language test by «Kompetanse Norge» (formerly VOX) with B2 on all subtests.

    Alternatively, you can document knowledge and skills in Norwegian, Swedish, or Danish on the same level. You can document the following that is equivalent to the Norwegian test on B2 level:
  • Exam in Norwegian or Norwegian as a second language at the VG3 level (393 hours) in a Norwegian Upper secondary school with the Grade 4 or better on both the oral and written part.
  • Exam in level 3 in Norwegian for foreign students at the universities with the Grade C or better on both the oral and written part.
  • Completed and passed program in Higher Education with minimum 60 credits in Norwegian Language and Social studies for foreign students with the Grade C or better.
  • Completed and passed all Years in a Norwegian 9-Year or 10-Year Lower secondary school
  • Completed and passed Norwegian A or Norwegian B on the lowest level (standard level) from International Baccalaureate (IB) with the Grade 3 or better.

Possible additional documentation:

  1. Confirmation on completed licensing exam/state exam if this is required in your country of education
  2. You should attach the authorisation (approval showing that you have the right to practice) from the country of education and/or another country.
  3. Certificate showing relevant work experience after graduating. The certificate must contain information about the type of position and work. Furthermore, the certificate must: 
    - Be issued with the workplace's letterhead and/or stamp. 
    - Be signed by the relevant manager or leader at the workplace. The manager's or leaders name and position must be typed in addition to the signature. 
    - Contain the workplace's contact information

Please note the following regarding your documents

  • All documents must be scanned as PDF-copies of the original documents. If the original documents are in colour, the scanned copies attached to the application must also be in colour. Photographs of documents will not be accepted.
  • If an original document has multiple pages, all scanned pages must be assemled into one document and in the correct order.
  • All pages must be rotated correctly.
  • All original documents that are not in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish or English must be translated into one of these languages by a authorised translator. The translation must be scanned/submitted in the same file as the original document.

You apply in Altinn

NB! Applicants without a Norwegian national ID or D number must use alternative login in Altinn.

You must attach a scanned copy of passport or European ID card in your application.
First name and surname in the application form must be the same as in the passport/ID card, and be written in the same order.

User manual Altinn - Application for authorisation and license (PDF)

You pay the processing fee when you apply

You must pay a processing fee of NOK 1.665,-

You pay the fee in Altinn when you register your application.

Processing time is 3 months

The case processing time will be extended if the application lacks necessary documentation.


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