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Kapittel 3Key messages

An increased focus on user participation is necessary to ensure good services for people with mental health and substance abuse challenges. The purpose of this report was to find available qualitative research on user participation (including next-of-kin participation) at various levels within the mental health and substance abuse field, and to uncover areas where we need more research. The topic has been what promotes good collaboration on user participation in the field of mental health and substance abuse, according to qualitative research from the Nordic and Sami context in the period 2012-2022.

In this context, we have chosen to present the knowledge summary in the form of a concise report with interactive appendices.

The report provides an overview of the work process, as well as some key findings. The findings show some important currents in the field of mental health and substance abuse in a Nordic and Sami context over the last ten years, with a spotlight on qualitative research.

The results from the literature searches are extensive. We have chosen to present the main findings briefly in the report, with references to the associated appendices for those who want more in-depth insight. The selection of articles referred to are examples of prominent themes from the analysis. The referenced articles have been selected because of breadth and variety. Due to the project's limited time perspective, it has been necessary to limit the scope of the report.

The interactive appendices in this report are a type of systematic overview that sorts and highlights the available research on a broad issue. These appendices provide supplementary information and can act as an overview of the literature found on the topic. A search was made in six research databases. We coded studies that met the inclusion criteria according to a predefined framework (see inclusion criteria). We included 508 abstracts.

Our main findings:

  • We identified a significant number of articles on user participation in the field of mental health and substance abuse. The main proportion was about mental health, fewer were about substance abuse
  • Most of the articles dealt with user participation at individual level and service level.
  • We identified few articles at the system level
  • Most of the articles dealt with adult users (over 18 years of age)
  • We identified few articles about children and young people
  • We identified few articles about the elderly
  • Much of the research in Norway and the Nordics was about recovery, and recovery-oriented services. These services are seen in relation to work, meaningful activities, friends and family, self-determination, belonging, hope and identity
  • Much of the research in Sápmi dealt with empowerment, and practice shows a clear emphasis on health and welfare competence in a holistic and culturally adapted perspective
  • Much research focused on experience from the perspective of users, relatives, and services
  • The research showed that there is an increasing practice of more individually adapted services

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