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Tall houses reflecting lights in the sea in front of them.

Oslo skyline.

Practical information

Information on locations, transportation and more.


The main programme on February 13th and 15th will take place at:

The event on February 14th will be held at Clarion Hotel® The Hub in the center of Oslo in Biskop Grunnerusgt. 3, Oslo (google.no)


The airport express will take you to and from the Oslo central station, which is very close to Clarion Hotel® The Hub. The airport express has departures every 10 minutes.

The airport bus takes you directly to Storo. It has departures every half hour.

Metro (4 Vestli via Majorstuen and 5 Ringen via Tøyen) and tram (11, 12 and 18) in Oslo take you from central Oslo to Storo in 10-15 minutes. Here is information on how to buy a ticket.


The weather in Oslo in February is cold with temperatures down to -10 degrees. Remember to bring warm clothes and boots. Check the weather forecast (yr.no).

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