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About the Norwegian Directorate of Health

The Directorate of Health's vision, mandate and activities.

Public mandate

The Norwegian Directorate of Health shall contribute to more people being in good health, to reducing health inequalities between people and to good and safe treatment in the health and care services. The directorate also helps to ensure that the services that patients and users receive are coordinated. In addition to this, the directorate facilitates improved community safety and preparedness.

The Directorate of Health reports to the Ministry of Health and Care Services. We implement government policies and have other responsibilities that are delegated by the ministry, including the authority to apply and interpret laws and regulations about public health and the health and care sector.

In implementing policy, we carry out work on behalf of the government and parliament. This may involve, for example, executing action plans and campaigns, or awarding grants in line with the objectives set by parliament.

The Directorate of Health has approximately 850 employees at offices in Oslo, Trondheim and Ålesund, and around 800 have their work place in Oslo.

Vision statement

The Directorate of Health's vision statement is “Good health – good lives”. For most of us, good health is a prerequisite for a good life. It is also easier to look after your health when life feels good in general. Our vision encompasses both preventive health and the provision of good health and care services wherever people live. To achieve this, it is important that the country’s health infrastructure is integrated and set up to function well.

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