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About the Norwegian Directorate of Health

The Norwegian Directorate of Health aims to better the quality in the health service and to promote factors that bring good health to the population.

Contact us

Phone: (+47) 47 47 20 20
E-mail: postmottak@helsedir.no
Post address: Pb. 220 Skøyen, 0213 Oslo
Visiting address: Vitaminveien 4, 0485 Oslo

E-mails to postmottak@helsedir.no  will not be answered between Christmas and New Year.


Organizational chart, Norwegian Directorate of Health (PDF)

Public mandate

The Directorate of Health shall improve the health of the citizens and the community as a whole through targeted activities across services, sectors and administrative levels. The Directorate shall do so by virtue of its role as a executive agency, as a regulatory authority and as an implementing authority in areas of health policy. The directorate is an executive agency and professional authority under the Ministry of Health and Care Services.

Our roles

Role as a professional agency

  • Monitoring conditions that affect
    • public health and living conditions
    • the development of health and care services
  • Being responsible for giving advice and guidance on strategies and measures
  • Gathering together knowledge and experience in professional issues
  • Acting to standardise nationally
  • Being a competence organisation 

Role as an executor of health and care policy

Carry out the Ministry's policy in accordance with:

  • The government budget and letters of allocation
  • Bills and reports to the parliament
  • The national Health Plan
  • The government's plans and action plans

Role as an administrator and interpreter of legislation

  • A strong stewardship function at all levels is a prerequisite 
    for success in the three roles
  • Important administrative duties:
    • administration and interpretation of health legislation (on behalf of the ministries)
    • administration of grants
  • Authority to apply and interpret legislation and regulations, e.g.: Medical Equipment Act, Abortion Act, Tobacco Act, Alcohol Act, Specialist Health Service Act.

Vision and values

The Norwegian Directorate of Health's vision is Good health – good lives.

Our values are:

  • Professionalism: The Directorate's work is knowledge-based and relies on exercising sound professional judgment
  • Openness: The Directorate's work is characterised by clarity, transparency, open processes and clear communication
  • Cooperation: The Directorate's work entails a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach and extensive dialogue

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