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2. English summary

In 2020 we received 173 reports of side effects in blood donors. There were 125 systemic reactions, 52 local reactions and four cases with both local and systemic reaction. In eleven cases, the donor experienced a complication after blood sampling in connection with registration.

There were 101 syncopes without trauma, five syncopes with trauma and 15 severe vasovagal reactions (VVR).  In addition, four cases of other systemic side effect were reported. In 20 cases, the blood donor experienced syncope after leaving the blood bank. There were 27 cases of nerve irritation, three cases of hematoma without pain, seven cases of hematoma with pain, an arterial puncture, three cases of thrombophlebitis and eight cases of pain in the arm.

In four cases, the complication was defined as severe, according to definitions in the Blood Directive and 70 events were defined as serious based on the definitions of the hemovigilance system.

In 57 cases the complication were reported in men and in 116 cases in women. In about 33% of all reports the reaction occurred in first-time donors.

In most cases there was no need for follow-up of the donors who experienced a complication, but twelve donors had to be hospitalized, 11 for observation only, but one donor was hospitalized overnight. In three other cases the donor needed sick leave. In 59 cases, the donor was permanently deferred due to the side effect.

In thirty-nine cases long-term morbidity was reported, that is that the injuries or symptoms lasted for over a week.

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