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NNR2022 chapters: Public consultation

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General information

The NNR2022 project will now carry out public consultations on the scientific background material that will inform the dietary reference values (DRVs) and food based dietary guidelines (FBDGs) in the final NNR2022 report. We encourage stakeholders, scientists, and other interested parties to share their insight and feedback on the chapter drafts on the scientific assessment on nutrients and food groups and health outcomes. 

The consultation period for each chapter draft will be eight weeks. To subscribe for updates on this page, please fill in your email address at the bottom of the page. You will receive a news alert when a new chapter is available. This public consultation of nutrient and food group chapters will continue throughout the next months, and chapters will be announced continuously when ready. 

The hearing responses will be publicly available and carefully considered by the NNR2022 Committee. It should be noted that comments submitted by individuals in a personal capacity will be published as such, indicating the author’s first and family name. Comments submitted on behalf of an organization are also made publicly available and attributed to the organization in question. Comments will not be considered unless submitted via the platform, e.g. comments submitted as emails to the NNR2022 Committee will not be accepted.

All input considered by the NNR2022 Committee as scientifically valid and relevant will be forwarded to the authors for consideration. Please note that sustainability aspects and other issues such as obesity, physical activity, and burden of diseases will be integrated at a later stage, if relevant. The NNR2022 Committee will be responsible for setting the DRVs and FBDGs. The suggestion for setting of DRVs and FBDGs will be open for public consultation at a later stage, before the NNR2022 Committee reach the final conclusion, and are not included in the documents now available for public consultation. 

Please note that the background papers on sustainability aspects will be announced for public consultation separately at a later stage. More information about this process will follow later. 

How to give input

In a questionnaire you will be able to give both general and specific comments. Please be as specific as possible in your comments and refer to page number and paragraph. 

Chapters open for public consultation

Choline (7 April – 9 June 2022)

Niacin (7 April – 9 June 2022)

Overview of nutrient and food group chapters in NNR2022

Upcoming and finalised hearings. When a consultation is concluded, responses are published in this table.



1. Fluid and water balance


2. Energy


3. Carbohydrates


4. Dietary fibre


5. Fat and fatty acids


6. Protein


7. Alcohol


8. Vitamin A


9. Vitamin D


10. Vitamin E


11. Vitamin K


12. Thiamine


13. Riboflavin

Consultation ended 21 April 2022:
Read chapter (PDF) | Read comments (XLSX)

14. Niacin

Ongoing consultation

15. Vitamin B6


16. Folate


17. Vitamin B12


18. Biotin


19. Pantothenic acid


20. Vitamin C


21. Calcium


22. Phosphorus


23. Magnesium


24. Sodium as salt


25. Potassium


26. Iron


27. Zinc


28. Iodine


29. Selenium


30. Copper


31. Chromium


32. Manganese


33. Molybdenum


34. Fluoride


35. Choline

Ongoing consultation

36. Phytochemicals and antioxidants



Food groups


1. Breastfeeding


2. Beverages


3. Cereals (grains)


4. Vegetables, fruits and berries

5. Potatoes  
6. Fruit juice  

7. Pulses (legumes)


8. Nuts


9. Fish, fish products and seafood


10. Meat and meat products


11. Milk and dairy products


12. Eggs


13. Fats and oils


14. Sweets and confectories


15. Dietary patterns


16. Meal Patterns


17. Ultraprocessed foods



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